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Enoshima Yacht Harbor
facility information
Introduction of the facilities
Introduction of the main facilities, such as Yacht House and Yacht Harbor.
use's guide
User's guide
Business days & hours, various usage fees, procedure to use the facilities, points to keep in mind, etc.
Direction to Enoshima Yacht Harbor.
Shonan Port is managed and operated by the designated contractor, Shonan Nagisa Park Co., Ltd.

Shonan Nagisa Park Co., Ltd.
Tel. 0466-22-2128
FAX. 0466-25-5413

Fujisawa Public Works Office
Tel. 0466-26-2111
Usage notes
The availability of the parking space shown on the web page is based on the information obtained from iPosNet real-time parking lot information when the viewer accesses the web site.
In other words, the information on available parking space displayed on the web site will not be updated until the viewer manually refreshes the web page.
Therefore, the information shown on the web page may differ from the latest status of parking space availability. In that case, the information displayed at the actual parking lot takes precedence over the information on the web site.
Some parking lots may continue to show visual signages that indicate that they have space available for parking, even after they are closed for that day. The operating hours of each parking lot can be confirmed on the web page that shows the details of each parking lot.


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