Introduction of the Facilities

Main Facilities

To those who enjoy sailing, the Shonan Port is the base of marine recreations.

first yacht harbor for athletic competition
A half-century has passed since it was build as the first yacht harbor for athletic competition in Japan for the 18th “Tokyo Olympic Sailing Games” in 1964. The club house was build in June of 2014 and it opened as the base for marine life and activities for our visitors.

Club House
club house
Please visit the new club house, it is beautiful with it’s wave shaped roof.
Dinghy Yacht
Dinghy Yacht
It is the Top Class Dinghy Yard in Japan.
Dinghy Sailing
Training Scene
Training Scene.
Locker and Shower Room
Locker and Shower Room
You can rake shower and refresh after a day of racing or training.
25t Crane Facility
The Telfer Crane for lifting cruisers is provided.
Meeting Room
Meeting Room
We can provide 3 meeting rooms.

For the people that enjoy walking, playing or fishing, the beautiful Shonan Port offers a variety of activities surrounding the nature of the sea.

Ocean view
There are wonderful ocean view facilities such as the “Turban Shell Island”, “Tide Pool” and “Fishing Area” at the Center Promenade. You can enjoy fishing and the natural wonders of the sea.

Tide Pool
Tide Pool
Children can discover the natural marine biology and science of our aquatic friend at the unique “Tide Pools”.
Olympic Monument
Olympic Monument
Tokyo Olympic sailing game was held here in 1964.
White Lighthouse and Fishing Area
White Lighthouse and Fishing Area
at the weekend, many anglers enjoy fishing here.
Rest Facility
Rest Facility
You can take a rest here, the vending machines and restroom are available.
There is café that is run by the shop in Enoshima.
The most popular item on the menu is the pasta and curry. There is indoor and outdoor seating available.
Marine Shop
Marine Shop
This shop provides many marine related items, from small items to the professional goods.
Access map
Access Information:
Train: About 18 minutes walk from Katase Enoshima Station(Odakyu Line) About 21 minutes walk from Enoshima Station(Enoden Line) Car: 1.5km from Route 134(Katasebashi)
Access map
Throughout the year, there are many dinghy races held in the Shonan Port.

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