as at 07:46 on 06/02/2020

 Wind direction / wind velocity
 Average wind velocity:
(Under maintenance)
 Average wind direction
(Under maintenance)
 Maximum wind velocity
(Under maintenance)
 Wind direction when the wind is blowing at maximum velocity
(Under maintenance)
 Temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, tidal level, amount of rainfall
 Temperature    Humidity    Effective humidity    Amount of rainfall (in the past one hour)
(Under maintenance)   (Under maintenance)   (Under maintenance)   (Under maintenance)
 Local atmospheric pressure    Sea-level pressure    Tidal level    
(Under maintenance)   (Under maintenance)   (Under maintenance)    
  • The weather observation device of Enoshima Yacht Harborfs own is undergoing maintenance work now.
  • The weather conditions around Enoshima Yacht Harbor are automatically observed by its proprietary meteorological equipment.
  • The displayed readings represent the values obtained by this system in the last one minute (except for the amount of rainfall, which shows the total amount of rain recorded in the last one hour).
  • In Enoshima Yacht Harbor, the data on weather conditions are recorded each minute and the latest data are displayed at various areas of the harbor every 20 seconds.
  • However, the latest weather conditions displayed on the website are updated every 5 minutes due to the constraints in the network and server capacity.
  • The information displayed on the screen will not be updated automatically. To view the latest information, click the gDisplay the latest datah button on the upper right.