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Business Hours

Business hours

9:00a.m. -5:00p.m. in January November December 10/16~10/31

9:00a.m. -5:30p.m. in February 10/1~10/15

9:30a.m. -6:00p.m. in September  March

10:00a.m. -6:30p.m. in April 8/16~8/31

10:30a.m. -7:00p.m. in May June July 8/1~8/15

Closed on Mondays

*Open on Monday, however, when it is a public holiday, and closed the next day 

*Closed on January 1st 

*May close on days when the weather conditions are poor (such as, heavy rain).

When the weather does not look good, please be advised to check first whether the tennis court is open or not before you take the trouble of coming out here. 

Information on the Admission Fee

*Guests accompanying the tennis court users with small children of preschool age or visiting the site just as spectators are also requested to pay an admission fee set specifically for them, as outlined below.
Types of ticket Category Fees (including tax)
Admission ticket Adults
Schoolchildren under 15-years-old
400 yen
100 yen
(All preschoolers must be accompanied by parents)
Admission coupon
(6 tickets per coupon)
Schoolchildren under 15-years-old
2,000 yen
500 yen
Multi-purpose court
(for charter)
4 on 4 closed
Rental goods skateboard
In-line skates
Protective gear set
(elbow pads, knee pads, and list guards)
770 yen
330 yen
220 yen

330 yen

Tips for Those Using Kugenuma Kaihin Skate Park for the First Time

If you are using Kugenuma Kaihin Skate Park for the first time, please read through the basic on-site rules outlined below.

The basic rules that apply to everyone visiting Kugenuma Kaihin Skate Park include the following:
1. All skaters are required to wear a helmet.
2. No smoking on site, with the exception of designated areas for smokers.
3. No consumption of alcoholic drinks on site.

Skateboard rental service is not offered at present.
Admission fee is charged to all visitors from age 6 and above (including those who only intend to visit as spectators).

A Few Reminders to Ensure Your Joyful Experience

Welcome to Kugenuma Kaihin Skate Park!
Kugenuma Kaihin Skate Park has established a set of guidelines to ensure that every user can fully appreciate the facilities both pleasantly and safely at all times. Before you begin using the site, please be sure to read the following guidelines carefully to help make your day at Kugenuma Kaihin Skate Park a truly joyful experience.

1. Kugenuma Kaihin Skate Park offers a wide variety of rinks and courses for skaters who want to enjoy playing inline skating, riding on skateboard, BMX, kickboard, brave board, etc. Please consult with the park staff if you have any other special types of skating gears that you want to use on site.

2. Regarding the use of BMX, only the types where the bar end pedal pegs are made of resin are permitted on site. Please observe this rule to prevent the ground surfaces from becoming damaged.

3. Skating is allowed only in specified areas. If the park staff finds you skating in unpermitted areas or acting unsafely, you may be asked to step out of the rink or course. If your behavior is judged as an obstruction of safe operation of the park, you may be forced to leave the site and/or rejected from re-entering the park.

4. Be careful not to get hurt. For that, you need to protect your body. The park requires all the skaters to wear a helmet, which you can borrow on site at free of charge if necessary. Also consider wearing additional protective gears beside the helmet for the sake of your safety.

5. Enjoy your time in the skate park by also being considerate of other guests using the same facilities. Please note that Kugenuma Kaihin Skate Park will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur on site. In other words, all guests are fully responsible of any accidents or injuries they encounter in the skate park. If anyone gets injured, a first-aid service will be available on site, but subsequent medical treatments will be the responsibility of those who got injured. Therefore, it is advisable for all to mitigate their risk by purchasing an accident or sports insurance beforehand.

6. Assess your skill set objectively and know your limitations. Do not risk yourself too much, trying to acquire highly advanced techniques that are way beyond your current skill level. If you want to challenge at mastering new techniques, do so under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Feel free to ask the professional instructors available on site for advice or on-the-spot coaching.

7. No matter how much fun you may be having, remember that there is always an end to it. What is important for you is to know when to quit. Ask yourself how your physical conditions are, and do not push too hard. Save a little energy before you totally wear out.

8. No littering please. If you have anything to throw away, please make sure to use the designated facilities (trash cans, dust bins, etc.) on site. We greatly appreciate your consideration and cooperation in keeping the skate park always clean and pleasant for all users.

9. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas. Consumption of alcoholic drinks on site is strictly prohibited.
Usage notes
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In other words, the information on available parking space displayed on the web site will not be updated until the viewer manually refreshes the web page.
Therefore, the information shown on the web page may differ from the latest status of parking space availability. In that case, the information displayed at the actual parking lot takes precedence over the information on the web site.
Some parking lots may continue to show visual signages that indicate that they have space available for parking, even after they are closed for that day. The operating hours of each parking lot can be confirmed on the web page that shows the details of each parking lot.


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